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How to Boost Morale and Support Career Growth in a Remote Team

Employers should always be the first ones supporting their employees with everything they can, including boosting their morale. With all the crazy and insane twists and turns that the global pandemic has brought to everyone, the last thing employees need is an earful from their superiors. As their leaders, we should be the first people cheering them on and telling them that everything's going to be fine in due time, not the other way around.

Some might wonder: why am I supposed to boost the morale of my workers? Why am I expected to act as their cheerleader?

The answer is simple: you will benefit from it when you cheer them up.

Cheering them up is beneficial to you.

Morale is the engine behind productivity and engagement. When morale is high, your firm will be able to reach its full potential. However, when your staff works from home, this is something you'll have to nurture.

You'll need to establish new methods for collaborating and communicating so that your teams can continue to feel your corporate culture in their own homes.

Simply put, when your employees are motivated to work for you, your business would surely benefit from it.

Six ways to boost your employees' morale

Of course, there are many ways to boost your workers' morale as a business owner. It would be best to be consistent in doing these to be motivated to go to work happily. Here are six surefire ways to do so.

Be a cheerleader for your team

The best way to boost morale is to be a cheerleader. Nothing can uplift your employees' spirits more than having a supervisor who believes in them and their skills. Remind them of their qualifications, tell them they have what it takes to overcome challenges – all this not to motivate them for the sake of motivating, but to make sure they are equipped with the right tools for the job.

Set achievable goals

Another way to boost morale is by setting achievable goals that your employees can actually achieve, not just aspirations that are too difficult to achieve in a short period. They should know what's expected of them after all. Moreover, measurable goals also let you track progress and motivate people along the way.

For example, if you're trying to increase traffic on your company website, set a percentage-based goal such as "increase traffic by 10%" or manually measure it for better accuracy across different platforms like Google Analytics.

Stay connected to your employees.

Did you know that a lack of communication is the main reason why remote employees feel disconnected from their company? This is one of the biggest reasons why morale goes down in teams with remote members.

Remind your people they're part of something bigger by engaging with them regularly. Talk about how the business is doing, and update them on new developments such as promotions and product launches. Doing so would motivate them to continue giving their best for the company's sake.

Throw in some fun times to the mix.

No one wants to be in a workplace where everything is serious and professional. Time to break the monotony by having fun!

Schedule some time for your employees to bond with each other and hang out outside the office, either virtually or physically. You can do this by hosting an event or organizing a simple get-together, which keeps morale high even when working from home. Even a small lunch out with your employees at your local restaurant can be a fun time for everyone to hang out, destress, and enjoy each other's company.

There are many ways to gather your employees and share some fun times with them. All you have to do is be innovative, creative, and have fun with your employees.

Reach out and ask what they need.

In a remote team, it's crucial to keep your employees in the loop regarding their needs. If they need anything from you, find out what they are and give them all they require. This would show that you really care for them and value what they contribute to the company.

As a business owner with staff working from home, be there for them at every turn! You do not have to provide for their every need because that would drain your energy and your resources and budget, which is important as a business owner.

After all, business success is measured by people who work behind the scenes without anyone noticing. What you can do for them is to listen to them, meet their demands halfway that will benefit both you and the employee, and be consistent with asking.

Recognize them for their efforts

Remember that words mean everything when trying to boost morale in office or home office workers at the end of the day. Sometimes, simply saying "thank you, Rebecca" or a "great job, Steve!" go a long way in motivating people! An oldie but goodie article states that "while money may not be the most powerful motivator, recognition and appreciation are."

Employees who've felt appreciated would surely want to continue working for you. They will always strive harder than the rest of the people on your team because they know that their efforts are not unnoticed by you or their co-workers.

Give them all the appreciation they deserve after finishing a project and make sure to give them a pat on the back for every good deed they do. This would motivate them to become even more productive in their work!

You can show your recognition of their efforts by handing out certificates with tangible rewards, such as a small amount of cash to buy them a meal for themselves or electronic vouchers that they can use to buy whatever they want. Handing out certificates to your best workers might seem like a cheesy thing, but for some of them, it would mean a lot.

Final thoughts

Indeed, the times are rough nowadays. The last thing we want to happen as business owners is to see our employees walk out the door because they feel demoralized. These ways are effective in boosting anyone's morale at work. Still, you can always innovate and tweak to suit your business's needs.

You might find it hard and cheesy at times, but trust us, your employees would love it, and they would never think of leaving you when you do it consistently.

Always remember that consistency is key, and you can do it! That's our small morale boost for you. It would be best if you also had it.

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