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4 Challenges of Remote Work and How to Overcome Them

The Internet is a magical place. It's given us all sorts of things to make life better, whether through communication or entertainment - but it also has some downsides!

For example, remote work setup can lead you down the path towards greater productivity at home versus office hours; however, there are challenges like increased flexibility which comes with this new way for workers' bodies to stay creek while they're on call 24/7 without ever having any physical proximity between themselves and their desks (or tables). Hence, remote working also comes with challenges aside from its advantages.

Working From Home is Here to Stay

For those worried about remote working disappearing with the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re in for a treat: working from home is not going anywhere, with the digitalization currently happening in terms of business and technology. More and more people are expected to work from home increasingly, with the global pandemic serving as a catalyst for these changes.

In the United Kingdom, it was expected that 50% of the workforce in the country is composed of people in remote working conditions. The same article was updated to 49.2% of the working professionals in the UK, close to the projected 50%.

The first and most important point is that remote working conditions will continue to be a part of the new normal even after the pandemic. We should address the numerous problems presented by remote work.

Different Challenges of Remote Work and How to Solve Them

Here are some of the common challenges in remote working setups and addressing them.

Motivation Issues

The Problem

Creatives, such as those working in agencies offering digital marketing solutions are often the first to feel creatively drained. They have a constant stream of new ideas, but as they progress through their day-to-day lives and responsibilities take over, creatives can find themselves growing less inspired with time if not motivated enough by other factors such as tools or strategies that help them stay on track every single day.

The Solution

One way is simply being self-aware of when you feel more motivated to do more work during those times. Another is to set small goals every day because small tasks will be easier than large ones that would take days or weeks to finish.

After all, small business marketing companies and digital marketers usually only need small things like increasing social media followers or getting needed information from the internet- not solving world hunger and wars in other countries.

Productivity Issues

The Problem

This is one of the most common problems for remote workers nowadays. According to various studies by the International Labor Union, only 5% of telecommuters claim they never suffer from work-life conflict, and 13.5% say that they rarely do so. Productivity is the number one problem entrepreneurs face around the world, regardless of whether or not they are working remotely. If you want to beat your competition, then try to beat their productivity first.

The Solution

Some people have found it effective for increasing their productivity every day by using the Pomodoro Technique. It helps you maintain focus on a task without becoming too distracted. For starters, the Pomodoro Technique requires you to work intensely for only 25 minutes, then take a 5-minute break. After that, you can repeat the process three more times. So if you want to increase your focus and be productive, consider using this technique.

The other big way of increasing productivity is sacrificing luxuries to get things done. Start by prioritizing which tasks should be finished first before doing anything else or which tasks should be tried to be addressed first every day, so they do not pile up over time.

Sacrifice luxuries such as watching TV series, playing video games, or spending too much time on the internet; these types of distractions likely cause a lack of focus and productivity among remote workers. That way, you can improve your focus and increase productivity in the long run.

Distractions from All Corners

The Problem

Distractions are the worst! When distracted, our productivity plummets, and everything else falls apart. There is no time to work on anything other than what's right in front of you because your mind can only focus so much at once before it switches tracks or goes off exploring new territory entirely.

The Solution

The usual way to avoid distractions is by setting up boundaries, such as only permitting yourself to use the internet for work purposes and not letting yourself access social media or email until you finish your tasks. It may also be a good idea to hire small business marketing companies and digital marketers who are self-motivated but can keep their focus on your projects 100%.

Suppose you, small business marketing companies, and digital marketers are not the ones who are distracted by all kinds of things around them. In that case, it might be time to take drastic measures. For example, block websites that distract you- like social media sites or entertainment news- with software that can keep you away from distractions.

You may also want to unplug the router and your modem so you cannot access the internet at all. This is not a suggested tactic, of course. Still, some small business marketing companies and digital marketers may be willing to go to extremes to succeed.

Maintaining Work-Life Balance

The Problem

Sometimes, people find themselves in difficulties because their jobs and personal lives are now becoming blurred. However, even though it can be an issue, there is a solution for this problem too!

The Solution

Some small business marketing companies and digital marketers have found that the solution to this problem is to take a break after working for a set time each day. This way, you will be able to go back to work rested and less stressed, which can help small business marketing companies' productivity in the long run.

In addition, the small business marketing companies and digital marketers working for small businesses may want to consider the small business marketing company's family members. After all, it is important to spend some time with them after a day of work to maintain your relationship with them and make sure small business marketing companies don't get too stressed out, which can eventually lead to small business marketing company burnout.

In Conclusion

While remote work offers many benefits, it also comes with challenges that need to be understood and overcome if the arrangement lasts. This holds true for both small business marketing companies looking into a flexible office environment and other employees who decide they want more independence by working at home. Thus, we need to develop solutions to make this setup even more productive and rewarding to everyone.

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