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11 Best Countries for Remote Workers

Undoubtedly, remote workers have enjoyed relevance and success over the past years. The number of people working remotely is constantly on the rise, but there are still some countries that are friendlier to them than others. In this article, we will list down countries with their corresponding benefits and specializations.

Countries Friendly to Remote Workers

These countries have proven to be very friendly towards remote workers during the pandemic and even during pre-pandemic times. We will be listing why these countries are friendly towards remote workers and what remote working jobs they specialize in.

Among the countries mentioned is a list of the best countries for remote workers compiled by the traveling website and other references.

1. Philippines

Filipino remote workers were in high demand before the pandemic as virtual assistants, online language teachers, writers, and e-commerce staff. From online English classes to social media management and data entry, Philippine-based companies offer a wide variety of remote work services.

The Philippines is a great place to work remotely because of the country’s relatively low cost of living allows for lower service rate and charges. The Filipino culture is also hospitable and welcoming, making it easy for foreigners to adjust and work.

Throughout the years they have continually improved their telecommunication infrastructure, allowing remote workers easier access to the internet. The government has seen how remote workers have contributed a lot to the country's economy, especially during the pandemic.

Because of their dedication to their careers, Filipinos are popular as virtual assistants, data entry workers, content writers, and online English teachers.

2. Spain

Spain is a great place for remote workers because of its Mediterranean lifestyle, which is relaxed and easy-going. The country also has a strong infrastructure, with excellent Internet speeds and plenty of coworking spaces.

Spain is home to many digital nomads, as the cost of living is relatively low, and there are plenty of interesting places to visit. The country is also known for its high-quality, affordable healthcare.

Spanish companies often need remote workers to do e-commerce work, data entry, social media management, and online language courses. Spanish is one of the top five spoken languages globally, and knowing the language can open a lot of opportunities for remote workers.

3. Portugal

The Iberian peninsula is a haven for remote workers, as Portugal offers similar benefits to Spain but at a fraction of the cost. Portugal is known for its hospitable people, excellent infrastructure, and great quality of life. Like Spain, Portugal is home to many digital nomads and offers a wide range of services for remote workers, from online English classes to social media management and data entry.

The Portuguese language is also a great asset for remote workers, as it is spoken in countries worldwide. Portuguese companies' main services that need remote workers are online customer service and social media management.

4. Mauritius

This paradise in the Indian Ocean might not be the first name you can think of for remote working opportunities. Still, many Mauritians work remotely for companies in Europe, the U.S., and Asia. The country has an excellent Internet infrastructure and a low cost of living.

Mauritius is a great place to work remotely because of its diversity. The island nation has people from all over the world who have brought their cultures and customs, making it a very welcoming place to work. The main services that Mauritian companies need remote workers to do are call center work, data entry, and software development.

5. Romania

As a country that has always been on the top list of countries friendly to remote workers, Romania is no exception.This Central European country has a strong infrastructure, with excellent Internet speeds and plenty of coworking spaces.

Romanian companies often need remote workers to manage social media and data entry.

The Romanians are known for their hard work ethic and willingness to learn new things. This makes them great candidates for remote work positions in various industries.

6. Japan

Japan, another Asian country on the list, has always proved to be a great place for remote workers. The country has an excellent infrastructure, with some of the best Internet speeds in the world. It also has many co-working spaces and a very supportive government when it comes to working remotely.

Japanese companies always need remote workers to do customer service, social media management, and data entry. There is also a rising number of online language teachers, as Japanese culture continues to get love and support worldwide. The Japanese language can be challenging for foreign workers, but it is worth learning as Japan is a great place to work and live.

7. Malta

This small European island off the coast of the Mediterranean is known for its idyllic views and its support for remote workers. Maltese companies often need remote workers to do customer service and social media management work. Language teaching is also popular among the Maltese remote workers, as English is widely spoken throughout the island. The Maltese are known for their friendliness and love of helping others, making them great candidates for remote work positions.

8. Panama

Panama is known for so many things: the Panama Canal, its rainforest, and its friendly people. Panamanian remote workers often get job opportunities in e-commerce (especially for brands operating in Latin America), online customer service, and social media management. The Panamanians are persistent, smart, and hardworking, making them a darling among businesses and employers.

9. Czechia (the Czech Republic)

Another European country on the list, the Czech Republic, is a great place for remote workers. Aside from its excellent Internet speeds, many employers choose Czech workers for their strong work ethic and dedication.

Most Czech remote workers can be found in data entry, customer service, and social media management. The Czechs are also known for their great sense of humor and propensity for enjoying a good laugh. This makes them great coworkers in a remote setting.

10. Costa Rica

Costa Ricans are the only two Central American countries (along with Panama) with the highest percentage of English language speakers in the Central American region. This makes Costa Rican remote workers highly in demand, especially with businesses catering to North and South America.

Costa Rican remote workers thrive in social media management, e-commerce, data entry, and professional writing services. In particular, Costa Rica is a great place for those looking to get into the online ESL teaching industry. The Costa Ricans are known for their relaxed attitude, beautiful scenery, and love of nature. All these factors make it an excellent place to work remotely.

11. Germany

Lastly, who would forget the resilient Germans? With one of the highest percentages of English-speaking people in Western Europe, Germans are a great choice for remote workers, aside from the United Kingdom and Ireland.

German companies often need remote customer service reps, social media managers, and data entry personnel. German remote workers have success in social media management, e-commerce, software development, web link building services, and Internet marketing solutions. Germans are known for their perseverance and efficiency, making them an excellent fit for remote work.

In Summary

Remote working is the new normal, and these countries have made it much easier for their remote working populations. Each of these countries has its own set of benefits and services that they specialize in, so remote workers need to do their research before choosing a destination. We hope this information has been helpful!

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