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1. How can outsourcing help me?

Outsourcing can help your business grow by hiring a professional team to handle the work for you. At Staffz, we believe that providing you effective outsourcing solutions is a cost effective way to scale your business!

2. How much is the hourly rate?

Staffz offers competitive rates depending on the scope of work, the contract duration, and the services needed. For inquiries, reach us at

3. What type of services do you offer?

We offer premium services on graphic design, content creation, and SEO. To know more about our services, please check our Services page.

4. What is the payment process?

We accept a variety of electronic payments.

5. How do you handle training?

Our pool of potential talents comes from communities that we have chosen to partner with and grow with. After providing them an inclusive training program, we carry out a strict hiring and screening process to choose the best talents to officially work with us.

6. Which types of clients do you work with?

From small to large, Staffz work with dynamic businesses that are digitally present and are actively on the lookout for excellent outsourcing solutions. Our clients are typically small businesses

that plan to put their business out on the internet or planning to launch a new site.

7. Who will I communicate with daily?

For regular updates on your project, our Operations Manager will communicate with you daily. For other concerns or questions, you can email them at

8. How long does it take to finish my project?

You will receive the finished outputs depending on the lead time needed for your specific request. The duration varies per project and service type. For the specifics, you can book a call with us.

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